Premium Vehicle Sealant
Clearguard Fabric & Carpet Protectant
ClearGuard Protectant features polymer protection wrapping each fiber in a polymer barrier, producing extreme ease of application, quick cure time at ambient temperature and excellent performance against water based stains such as coffee, soda & juice.

Apply to carpets, cloth seats, door panels and other cloth related interior parts.

This newly formulated fabric and carpet protectant complies with all local and state air quality regulations.

Use ClearGuard Interior Protectant if you are serious about protecting your vehicle.
  • Polymer Protection
  • Fiber Film Forming
  • VOC Compliant
  • Environmentally Safe
  • Maintains Natural Finish
Clearguard Leather & Vinyl Protectant
Changes in temperature, dirt, dust, oil and sun contribute to the deterioration of vinyl and leather interiors.

ClearGuard Leather/Vinyl Protectant penetrates surface pores to preserve leather or vinyl seats, interior trim and dashboards protecting the treated area against fading, discoloration and dashboard cracking.

ClearGuard Leather and Vinyl Protectant provides exceptional protection against environmental conditions that contribute to the degradation of automotive interiors.
  • Water based interior/exterior dressing
  • For use on leather, vinyl and rubber
  • Creates premium natural finish
  • Protects and conditions in one step
Clearguard Premium Paint Sealant
The longest lasting, highest gloss, silkiest feeling automotive paint protectant available.

ClearGuard Exterior Sealant is a new class of paint sealant developed to harden into the highest quality finish achievable for urethane clear-coat automotive paints.

Polymer and urethane sealants are combined to establish a flawless, long lasting finish.
  • Long lasting polymer protection
  • Cures to maximum protection in 24HR
  • Creates premium glossy finish
  • Barrier against exterior conditions